How Microneedling Can Breathe New Life into Aging Skin

Do you look at your reflection in the mirror and see only the imperfections? Minimally invasive aesthetic procedures like microneedling can transform your appearance without the need for cosmetic surgery.

At South Naperville Family Practice in Aurora, Illinois, Dr. Richard Steslow offers microneedling sessions with a specially-designed tool called the Dermapen® to provide your skin with a renewed, younger appearance and a more supple glow.

Microneedling 101

Microneedling is a minimally invasive, in-office aesthetic skin procedure. Dr. Steslow uses a small handheld device with tiny needles to prick through the top layers of your skin, causing what is known as “micro injuries.” You’ll barely feel each prick, but your body’s response to the perceived injury is to go into healing mode.

The microneedling triggers a regeneration process, and your body begins making collagen to provide structure and elasticity for your skin. This collagen production helps fill in lines and wrinkles and makes acne scars and sun damage less noticeable. Apparent aging can be stopped in its tracks, and your younger, fresher look restored.

Benefits of Microneedling

The collagen production generated by microneedling has many advantages, including:

Fewer wrinkles and lines

Collagen builds a scaffolding under the surface of your skin, pushing out folds and lines and making your facial wrinkles much less noticeable. After just a few treatments, you’ll notice visibly smoother skin.

Restored elasticity

Along with its ability to kickstart collagen production, microneedling also enhances the production of elastin. This gives your skin back it’s natural ability to recover from gravity-induced stretching and sagging, which also reduces wrinkling and can help remedy loose skin around the cheekbones and jaw.

More even skin tone

Microneedling can help improve hyperpigmentation. This can be invaluable for smoothing out skin tone on all skin types, as lighter skin may be marred with sunspots and age spots, while darker skin makes scars more visible.

Improved skin texture

Scars from trauma, stretch marks, chicken pox, or acne breakouts can cause depressions in your skin. Increased collagen can help fill in these depressions for a more even skin texture.

Minimized pore visibility

As collagen accumulates, it will fill out and plump up your skin around each of your facial pores. This will help pores look and feel smaller, giving you a younger, fresher look. 

You’ll need three to six sessions, spaced about four to six weeks apart, but the results can last for about a year. You can repeat microneedling as needed for a face that resists aging year after year.

Want a younger look? Contact our office at 630-296-6019, or book an appointment with Dr. Steslow today using our online system.

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