Heart Health


Last week, a patient said that a cardiologist he recently saw said to him that all the testing I advised was not necessary and just come to him when he started having symptoms!!!

Wait a minute!!!! Sometimes with a heart attack, you just die and have no symptoms.

That is not taking good care of my family of patients. I would like to do what is necessary to identify heart disease and treat it before a heart attack.

There are several ways to identify risks for heart disease including blood work and various scans.

Lifestyle changes with diet and exercise along with supplements and medications when necessary can PREVENT worsening disease and that heart attack. There are even ways to improve heart health.

If you ever hear anything like that, we need to discuss all the ways to help you live a long and healthy life!

If you have a friend or family member who wishes to be proactive and prevent disease, please have them call.

Take care and thank you,

Dr. Steslow

Dr Steslow Dr. Steslow has been in medicine for the past 38 years and has been running his office, South Naperville Family Practice, Ltd since 1992. He has been more recently focusing on nutrition, exercise, sleep, stress reduction, and relationships/spirituality which are his 5 Pillars of Health. By having a basis on wellness, one is able to live in good health throughout your life. This idea is having a long "healthspan" where you are capable of doing what you want, instead of a "lifespan" where you have to depend on others as you get old. Dr. Steslow has incorporated a longevity program as part of his concierge program to focus on the things that are necessary including his 5 Pillars of Health, supplements, and even certain medications to potentially impact your aging process. Then you are able to feel your best! His aesthetics program assists one in looking your best using natural methods when possible. This combination is unique amount healthcare practitioners and is why we are special.

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