I always try to stay on the positive side but every once in a while I have to clear up the distorted, negative narrative that is being propagated in society today.

My expertise is in healing disease through whatever means are available to optimize our health. 11 years as the Director of the Rush Copley Wound Center has opened my eyes even further to the power of nutrition in healing. To see a patient's wound that has been present for 2 years without improvement then begin to heal within 2 to 4 weeks once nutrition is dialed in, is absolutely remarkable. Growth is visible and so beautiful!

There has been this incessant narrative that animal protein is bad for our health and planet. I have had many patients say they are avoiding meat. The problem is we have an appetite and when we avoid meats which are the most appetite-suppressing food, we eat more calories from other foods. This tends not to be fruits, seeds, nuts, and veggies but less healthy options.

I don't hear these antimeat people calling us out for drinking soda and high-calorie alcohol drinks, or eating donuts, fast foods, or processed foods.

What I see first-hand is growth from reaching our protein goals with the best source of protein being from animals. (You can get protein from concentrated veggie sources but it is more difficult)


I'm planting that seed, let's see how this can grow. Pass this on to your family and friends so we can make a better 2024 for us, our friends, our family, and our community.

Take care and thank you,

Dr. Steslow

Dr Steslow Dr. Steslow has been in medicine for the past 38 years and has been running his office, South Naperville Family Practice, Ltd since 1992. He has been more recently focusing on nutrition, exercise, sleep, stress reduction, and relationships/spirituality which are his 5 Pillars of Health. By having a basis on wellness, one is able to live in good health throughout your life. This idea is having a long "healthspan" where you are capable of doing what you want, instead of a "lifespan" where you have to depend on others as you get old. Dr. Steslow has incorporated a longevity program as part of his concierge program to focus on the things that are necessary including his 5 Pillars of Health, supplements, and even certain medications to potentially impact your aging process. Then you are able to feel your best! His aesthetics program assists one in looking your best using natural methods when possible. This combination is unique amount healthcare practitioners and is why we are special.

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