Nutritional Lies

Every once in a while I see something that is so much of a distortion of reality, or just plain old bs, that I have to call it out. As my father used to say, "If you see something, say something".

An ad came up on my phone which was for a protein bar but it insinuated that the bar was free and equal to water!


No wonder why we are so confused by the information out there. This is wrong on so many fronts.

Food is not water.

All food adds calories to the body.

Multiple pathways are involved in nutrient sensing.

Adding calories is not fasting.

Eating keto is not fasting.

Here is the nutritional information and look, it's not just like water. IT HAS CALORIES!!!

fastbar nutritional info

Let's be real. 190 calories each and every day is the difference between weight gain and the loss of about 1/2 lb per week for a period of time!!!

If your goal is to drop weight, calories need to be decreased. The easiest thing is to back off of snacks and keep a window of eating to 8 to 10 hours preferably having your first meal about 3 hours after awakening and finishing 3 hours before going to sleep.

A foundation to the diet should begin with lean protein 3 times a day of minimally 35 grams for females and 50 grams for males. For reference, 4 oz of meat is about 25 grams of protein. (Yes, we need to eat a lot more protein). Keep it lean or cook it in a little bit of water and pour off the water and fat after is done cooking.


I wish everyone the best in their personal nutritional journey and we are here to help. If you would like a personal nutritional makeover, please make an appointment. If you know of anyone who would also benefit, please forward this e-mail.

Dr. Steslow

Dr Steslow Dr. Steslow has been in medicine for the past 38 years and has been running his office, South Naperville Family Practice, Ltd since 1992. He has been more recently focusing on nutrition, exercise, sleep, stress reduction, and relationships/spirituality which are his 5 Pillars of Health. By having a basis on wellness, one is able to live in good health throughout your life. This idea is having a long "healthspan" where you are capable of doing what you want, instead of a "lifespan" where you have to depend on others as you get old. Dr. Steslow has incorporated a longevity program as part of his concierge program to focus on the things that are necessary including his 5 Pillars of Health, supplements, and even certain medications to potentially impact your aging process. Then you are able to feel your best! His aesthetics program assists one in looking your best using natural methods when possible. This combination is unique amount healthcare practitioners and is why we are special.

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