Planting Seeds

First, on the literal side, the picture above is from a local forest preserve which, back in the day, I would run. There were very few trees since it was a farm many years ago. The hot sun beat down on me and that fall, circa 2000, I gathered several hundred acorns and threw them from one side of the path to the other for about 1/2 mile. The squirrels and nature did their thing, and now 23 years later, the red oaks can be seen growing tall near the path. In a few more years, there will be plenty of shade for future runners. :)

Second, and more importantly, I would like to plant some seeds in all of you. About this time of year, I think of one thing I can insert into my life's habits to improve something. This will become my New Year's resolution. But instead of starting this on January first, I start this December first and make it a habit so that by January 1st, it will already be cemented.

It does not have to be big, because small accomplishments grow into much bigger things.

I challenge you! Put some real thought into something..... because something is always better than nothing.

Tie the action into another habit. For example, have a morning cup of coffee and then do a short exercise before eating or starting your day. (Finish coffee = start exercise, no excuses)

At your next appointment I want to hear what your habit/plan/action will be or already is.

I'm planting that seed, let's see how this can grow. Pass this on to your family and friends so we can make a better 2024 for us, our friends, our family, and our community.

Take care and thank you,

Dr. Steslow

Dr Steslow Dr. Steslow has been in medicine for the past 38 years and has been running his office, South Naperville Family Practice, Ltd since 1992. He has been more recently focusing on nutrition, exercise, sleep, stress reduction, and relationships/spirituality which are his 5 Pillars of Health. By having a basis on wellness, one is able to live in good health throughout your life. This idea is having a long "healthspan" where you are capable of doing what you want, instead of a "lifespan" where you have to depend on others as you get old. Dr. Steslow has incorporated a longevity program as part of his concierge program to focus on the things that are necessary including his 5 Pillars of Health, supplements, and even certain medications to potentially impact your aging process. Then you are able to feel your best! His aesthetics program assists one in looking your best using natural methods when possible. This combination is unique amount healthcare practitioners and is why we are special.

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