Minor Office Surgery

South Naperville Family Practice, Ltd.

Family Medicine Physician & Aesthetic Specialist located in Aurora, IL

You don’t have to visit a large, sterile hospital for small cosmetic and dermatologic issues. Richard Steslow, DO of South Naperville Family Practice takes care of issues such as warts and skin cysts in the comfort of the family medicine facility. People who reside in Aurora, Illinois can take advantage of Dr. Steslow’s skills and the convenience of having these minor surgeries performed in house. Call the office or use the online booking agent to make an appointment.

Minor Office Surgery Q & A

What types of medical issues are eligible for in-office surgery?

South Naperville Family Practice offers treatment for low-risk skin issues needing surgery. If you come to see Dr. Steslow for skin concerns, such as warts, moles, skin cysts, or various growths, he can do an exam and may recommend a minor surgical procedure to have them removed. Such minor surgeries are usually scheduled separately and are not performed as part of the initial consultation. 

  • Specific issues that may be treated with in-office surgery include:
  • Removal of skin tags or moles for aesthetic purposes
  • Treatment of a previously biopsied mole
  • Repair of skin wounds that need stitches
  • Ear Lobe Repair

What is earlobe repair?

Piercing puts your ears at risk for stretching, tearing, and benign growths, known as keloids. Returning the lobes to a more natural look is a minor, in-office procedure that’s performed under local anesthesia. Dr. Steslow is skilled at doing such repairs and can schedule this procedure after an initial consultation.

What are the advantages of having minor surgery in office?

Of course, minor in-office surgery offers you convenience in your busy life. These procedures are quick, relatively pain free thanks to local anesthesia, and you’re sent home right afterwards. You also experience less stress than when you have to visit a large surgical site or hospital. 

At South Naperville Family Practice, all appropriate infection controls are followed and, if you do experience side effects, the doctor that has performed the surgery is available to treat them. Dr. Steslow makes every effort to minimize scars and preserve the integrity of the skin’s structure.

How should I care for areas treated with minor in-office surgery?

If you had minor surgery on a leg, you’ll want to keep it elevated for the hours following surgery. Fingers or toes may be taped together to encourage immobility and arms may be placed in slings. The staff at South Naperville Family Practice provides you with complete home-care instructions. 

Usually, you will return to the office within 5-12 days to have any sutures removed and the site examined to ensure healing is progressing properly. If you have any questions after this point, you can always call Dr. Steslow.